Fly with thePheasant

The story of theBrandedPheasant is quite simple!!

Lora May + Jeff K. = L1J, two kindred spirits with a shared passion for each other.
“How do we spend more quality time together, while allowing others to do the same?”
By learning about your needs, and utilizing our work-life experiences to help you.

theBrandedPheasant was thus hatched.
What began as a pair of pheasants, quickly became a flock and has grown to a nest serving people and businesses worldwide through our affiliates CareFullCheckList, GateKeeper and UnLeashed

theBrandedPheasant, your personal spiderman. 

From personal needs such as pet sitting, boxing your belongings for the movers to quickly move you, resume writing, and dry cleaning pick-up/delivery to business needs from Sales/Marketing to Social Media Management, Market Research and Strategic Planning to Residential Property Purchase of your home, theBrandedPheasant is your indispensable partner.  

We assess your personal or business needs

Brainstorm with you

Create a strategic plan(based on your objectives)

Exceed your expectations

We are theBrandedPheasant, with over a quarter of a century of experience in a variety of verticals and specialties to help you excel

Lora&Jeff Kori
404 966 3628


“Thank you for visiting theBrandedPheasant, and sharing with others”

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